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Leadership Through Nature

Through therapeutic interaction with animals, 15 children with behavioral problems learn to communicate and acquire tools for success at the Kibbutz Magal riding and animal therapy center, Hadera, and surroundings.


Children with behavioral disorders often find it difficult to adapt to the rules and general learning methods at ‎school. They need a different approach to help them succeed. Through weekly attendance together with their teacher at the riding therapy farm at Kibbutz Magal, where they interact with animals, the children learn to communicate more successfully and acquire tools for success in school and in life. This is a two-year program - in the first year, the children receive training, and in the second year they act as mentors to fellow schoolchildren just beginning the project. The children are assisted by a professional team throughout their activities. Relationships develop between schoolchildren and mentors, providing both with a corrective experience of companionship and mutual support and providing a model for healthy future interaction.



Strengthen self-confidence in the ability to communicate and cooperate
Promote the development of patience and resilience
Practical application of academic learning (e.g., calculating amount of food per weight of the animal)
Develop communication skills and tools for success 



Throughout the year, children show noticeable behavior improvement, higher self-confidence, successful engagement in teamwork, improved communication between children, and improved ability to deal with frustrations and difficulties. Most of the children attend regularly and develop a good connection with their animals. The project has had a very significant impact on the children, giving them hands-on experience for developing and imparting skills, applying academic knowledge, and acquiring strategies for successful coping in life.  


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