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ESRA English Tutoring Program (ETP)

ESRA ETP, in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education, promotes English academic achievements and offers English speakers the opportunity to become a contributing part of Israeli society.

The programs promote academic achievements in English while welcoming immigrants to become contributing members of Israeli society. The establishment of the Department of Education and Teacher Support in 2018, together with the supervision of the Ministry's English Inspectors, enabled ESRA ETP to grow and develop global volunteering platforms enabling people worldwide to connect to life in Israel and influence its wellbeing.

There are over 1,000 ESRA volunteers active nationwide at all school levels and in all sectors. ESRA's volunteers working within this program are immigrants from English-speaking countries, newcomers to Israel, and veteran Israelis. They all have received training and professional guidance. They aim to strengthen self-confidence, improve oral proficiency, aid the weaker students, and enrich the advanced pupils. 

ESRA’s four programs are:  

"ESRA In-School"

Volunteers help students improve their English studies at a school next to them, one on one, or in small groups during English class, under the guidance of the English teacher and in accordance with the curriculum.

"ESRA Chat Away”

Volunteers help students from 7th - 12th grades the opportunity to improve their English speaking skills. A series of 30-40 minutes, weekly chats by zoom, after school hours.

"ESRA Tops” - Tutoring Online Program for Students

Volunteers help students from 4th -9th Grades improve their English studies (curriculum based). A series of 30-40 minutes weekly sessions by zoom, after school hours.

"ESRA Teachers Chat”

Volunteers help non-native speaking English teachers enhance their English oral proficiency. A series of 30-40 minutes weekly sessions based on the BBC 6-minute English website.

Click here for ESRA English Tutoring Program on the Israel Ministry of Education website. 

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