Play Pause

Animal Therapy for toddlers

Weekly animal therapy and fun in the park for 10 children attending a special kindergarten for autistic children, in Tiberias


Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) struggle to develop social, cognitive, communication, and behavioral skills. They need help to strengthen these abilities, empower their inner self, increase their experience of success, and improve their learning and behavior processes in order to lower their difficulties and frustrations that may sometimes lead to aggression and violence and to help them to acclimate, cooperate, and succeed in their society. Learning to interact with an animal is a fun way for these children to learn life skills.



Improve communication skills and reduce stressful frustration through interaction with animals.
Enrichment through content not otherwise encountered.



12 kindergarten children participated in the 2022-2023 project.

  • The teacher reported that all The children enjoyed the activity with the animals.
  • The activity affects the behavior of the children in other activities in a high level
  • The children learn new things


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