A Journey of Hope and “Tikun Olam” Through Education with Yaacov Schneider & Amran Amarni

רביעי, 15 דצמבר 2021 at 20:00

The talk will present the life of a young Arab Israeli from a small village through the stations of his life journey.
ESRA members NIS 25 | Non-members NIS 35

ESRA Trip to Isrotel Classic Chamber Festival, Eilat 2021

חמישי, 16 דצמבר 2021

ESRA Members Only
3 nights, 4 days at the Lagoona Hotel
Price includes round trip transportation, full board accomodation, and entrance to all concerts

How the Talia Trust and ESRA Team Up so that Immigrant High School Children Reach their Educational Potential with Maurice and Marilyn Hyman

ראשון, 19 דצמבר 2021 at 18:00

The Talia Trust has helped nearly 2000 Israeli children from all parts of Israel with diverse cultural backgrounds.
ESRA members NIS 40 | Non-members NIS 55

ESRA College and Raanana Moadon Hazahav Lecture Series

שני, 20 דצמבר 2021 at 9:00

Harlem Renaissance - The Raise of Jazz Stars During the 1920s with Dr. Raz Yitzaki
Florence Nightingale – The Lady With the Lamp with Eyal Offenbach

ESRA College‎ at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Monday Series 2021 - 2022

שני, 20 דצמבר 2021 at 10:00

Re-Location: Masterpieces and Curatorial Shifts

Fully Booked

“Ascending”: A Story That Needs to be Told with Mimi Tanaman

שני, 20 דצמבר 2021 at 19:15

"When the first wave of Ethiopian Jews arrived in Israel with Operation Moses, who knew how they had spent the previous 48 hours, or the previous weeks, months or years before their arrival?"
ESRA members NIS 20 | Non-members NIS 30

Breakfast & Speaker with Ophthalmologist Jackie Romano

שלישי, 21 דצמבר 2021 at 8:30

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and then ... Jackie will lead a lively discussion on the necessary care of the eyes.
ESRA members NIS 60 | Non-members NIS 80

Jerusalem of the Abrahamic Religions with Eran Tzidkiyahu

שלישי, 21 דצמבר 2021 at 19:30

We will talk about the sanctity and importance of Jerusalem in the monotheistic religions.
ESRA members NIS 50 | Non-members NIS 65

Haifa Trail Part Four

רביעי, 22 דצמבר 2021 at 6:30

This is a 12k moderate hike.
ESRA members NIS 145 | Non-members NIS 185

How to Destroy a City with Nitsan Shalom

רביעי, 22 דצמבר 2021 at 19:30

This talk will present a new analysis of the destruction of Jerusalem.
ESRA members NIS 25 | Non-members NIS 35