Events & Activities

Events & Activities

ESRA’s community provides people of different age groups with different
social and cultural activities targeted to their interests and needs, while also coming together through national activities that suit everyone.
We invite you to become a member, enjoy our activities, access personal support and feel the satisfaction of volunteering, wherever, whenever it suits you, knowing you are aiding Israeli society.

Events from ESRA Haifa Branch category

Hike with Dr. Diana Barshaw from Ramat HaNadiv to Caesarea along the Israel trail

רביעי, 22 מרס 2023 at 8:30 - 16:30

Join us for this exciting full-day hike at the best time of the year. Along the route we will see a Second Temple Byzantine Farm, several memorials, Ottoman Mill and Hadrian’s Roman aqueduct and Beit Hanania. Our guide, Dr. Diana Barshaw, will provide explanations about the trail and its sites.

ESRA members NIS 40 | Non-members NIS 60


Jewish Genetics during 5783 years (and into 2023 CE)

ראשון, 16 אפריל 2023 at 19:30

Professor Jesse Lachter lecture: Jewish Genetics during 5783 years (and into 2023 CE): Personalized, Predictive, Participatory, Precision, and Preventive (P5) Medicine.

ESRA members 35 NIS | Non-members 50 NIS

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A View of Iran in 2023 by Professor Amatzia Baram

שני, 15 מאי 2023 at 19:30

"Jin, jiyan, azadi!" ("Woman, life, freedom!"): Women and Minorities Leading the Iranian Protests.

ESRA Members NIS 35 | Non-Members NIS 50