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Monday, 07 January 2019 08:39

ESRA's Volunteer Award Event

ESRA's Biennial Volunteer Award Event will take place on Sunday 27 May 2018, 16:30-19:00, at Beit Shmueli, 94 Pardes Meshutaf, Raanana.

ESRA has over 800 volunteers engaged in a wide range of activities, from finance management to law, copywriting, graphic-design, photography, administration, magazine distribution, committee membership, coordinating, English tutoring, or manning secondhand shops. Volunteers' work time is flexible, at their convenienc

14 volunteers from all parts of the country are nominated for their outstanding  contrivution, ESRA volunteers who have devoted their time, energy and caring to the various activities in which they have been involved:

"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless.” 

Naomi Aharoni:  for her contribution to the many activities of the Rishon LeZion Branch.

Joseph Beenstock: for his invaluable support for all aspects of the Ramat Aviv Branch

Fonda Dubb: for her outstanding dedication in maintaining an ESRA presence in Eilat over many years

Marise Gordon: for her ongoing support of the Herzliya Branch, and leadership of ETP

Shuka Harel: for his dedicated work as treasurer to ESRA

Ilana Harf: for her dedication and superb contribution to the many activities of Modiin Branch.

Carole Kaye: for her contribution to publicizing activities of the Netanya Branch and running its office

Susan Kurnedz: for her initiation and development of ESRA’s Counselling Service and the ESRA Calendar

Nancy Milgram: for her contribution and stalwart support to the Nahariya Branch over many years

Mike Porter: for his total dedication and passionate promotion of the ESRA Magazine for over 10 years

Sally Sher: for her dedication and continuous support for all activities in the Kfar Saba Branch

Frank Taylor: for his dedicated work in teaching children English in Netanya’s Students Build a Neighborhood Project

In addition, two special awards will be made to:

President's Award:  Mike and Adele Rubin
For their leadership in ESRA and their ongoing commitment to ensuring the financial wellbeing of ESRA

Chairman's Award: Betty and Ed Wolfe
For their exceptional volunteering in the development and maintenance of the ESRA shops

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