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Education and welfare projects

Education & Welfare Projects

ESRA, founded in 1979 as a non-profit, is Israel's largest English-speaking community, aiding the integration of olim while working toward equality in Israeli society. ESRA aims to help diminish educational and social gaps, especially in the socio-geographic periphery, focusing on education and excellence programs and enhancing personal and social skills in a safe and supportive environment. We also integrate English-speaking immigrants into these projects, helping them feel useful and contributing members of society, thereby serving our two significant aims.

Leadership Through Nature

Children with behavioral problems learn to communicate and acquire tools for success, through interacting with animals in the therapeutic farm at Kibbutz Magal, Hadera and surroundings


Children with behavioral disorders often need to adapt themselves to the general learning methods at school. For some, this is very difficult and they need a different way of studying in order to succeed. Attending the riding therapy farm at Kibbutz Magal one school day a week, together with their teachers, helps them study arithmetic, science and life skills through their work with horses, dogs, and other animals.

Target Audience

5th and 6th graders with behavioral disorders from the Katzir School Northern Sharon area, 10th and 11th graders with behavioral disorders from The Shafririm school, near Hadera


Tools for success in a positive and personalized learning environment
Leadership and teamwork development


One morning a week, throughout the school year


The activity highly contributes to the self-confidence of children, to independence, motivation, and patience 
Contributes greatly to the ability to cope with challenges, social and educational abilities, connection to animals, and general improvement in behavior
The project gives great added value to the children


Kibbutz Magal. Hadera and surroundings

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