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Events & Activities

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Tour with Bonnie Belkin-Baram about 3 Unique Collections

Sunday, 25 December 2022 at 10:30 - 12:30

31 Vitkin Street, Haifa

NIS 25 for ESRA members/ NIS 35 for non-members


ESRA Haifa Branch

Our host, Bonnie Belkin-Baram, will give us a tour of 3 separate collections:

1. The Gabriel Hannukiot Collection – 24 unique Hannukiot created by Myrim Baram, the father of Professor Amatzia Baram.  President Clinton has one in his Arkansas library.

2. The Belkin whimsical clay figures collection created by her father, Paul Belkin.

3. A tour of the Baram home which includes 51 unique solutions for daily problems which maximize the usage of space: on walls, ceiling and in doors.  “One surprise after another leaves one in excited anticipation of what will come next.”

After the tour refreshments will be served

Bonnie is a graduate of the University of California, LA and qualified as a tour guide in Israel. She has been here since 1966.  Her husband is Professor Emeritus of Haifa University, Amatzia Baram, an internationally renowned expert on Middle-Eastern history and three times speaker for ESRA.


Vitkin Street 31 Haifa |  The entrance is at the rear of the garage.