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Education and welfare projects

Education & Welfare Projects

ESRA, founded in 1979 as a non-profit, is Israel's largest English-speaking community, aiding the integration of olim while working toward equality in Israeli society. ESRA aims to help diminish educational and social gaps, especially in the socio-geographic periphery, focusing on education and excellence programs and enhancing personal and social skills in a safe and supportive environment. We also integrate English-speaking immigrants into these projects, helping them feel useful and contributing members of society, thereby serving our two significant aims.

Social Club for Disabled

Weekly activities for young adults providing a social framework and enrichment. Herzeliya, central region


Handicapped young adults need social activities with peers just as much as any young person. However, handicapped often find themselves socially isolated and lacking a suitable framework for their needs. Such social isolation greatly exacerbates whatever problems they are already coping with. The group offers the participants a social framework, reducing their isolation, and providing them with the opportunity to develop their social skills through weekly meetings, social activities, and special events

Target Audience

14 Young adults with disabilities


Enriching Social activities
Relief and fun with a social group


Once a week, October to June


96% of the participants enjoy being part of the group, and like the way, the meetings are conducted
100% like the special activities
98% are satisfied with the Ruppin students' activities and the topics they bring are interesting



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