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Education and welfare projects

Education & Welfare Projects

ESRA, founded in 1979 as a non-profit, is Israel's largest English-speaking community, aiding the integration of olim while working toward equality in Israeli society. ESRA aims to help diminish educational and social gaps, especially in the socio-geographic periphery, focusing on education and excellence programs and enhancing personal and social skills in a safe and supportive environment. We also integrate English-speaking immigrants into these projects, helping them feel useful and contributing members of society, thereby serving our two significant aims.

Program of Excellence ‎

A biennial course for high-potential youth providing educational enrichment in marine science, and ecology at the Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret


Teens with potential and motivation from the geo-social periphery are not exposed to after-school enrichment activities and thus the gap between them and other teens is increasing. A quality alternative to after-school activities and exposure to academic topics broadens their horizons and enriches their education

Target Audience

38 high-potential youth in 8th-9th grade from Netanya


Exposure to academic content in science 
Expanding horizons


20, 3-hour weekly sessions during the school year, each group runs for 2 years


The participants feel that the content is enriching and intriguing, especially the practical activities on the beach and laboratories. 
High satisfaction from the instructors and practical activities
There is a desire to go on for another year


Ruppin Marine Science Institute, Michmoret

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