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Students Build a Community

A long-term project whereby students are provided housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return they mentor a group of local schoolchildren and become social activists in the community. Netanya, Akko

The Problem

For children growing up in poor and distressed neighborhoods, role models of success are ‎hard to come by, sometimes making criminal behavior look like a tempting shortcut and ‎perpetuating the cycle of poverty and distress. Those who have the ability and foresight to ‎break out and seek a higher education, lack the financial means to achieve it.‎

The Solution

This project creates a win-win situation, providing the community with mentors and role models of success, while ensuring financial support to motivated, promising and needy students for completing their university studies. The mentors promote social integration and community involvement for youths and their families while being provided accommodation and study grants.

The Method

Students are provided with accommodation in the targeted neighborhoods. Acting as mentors and role models, they spend 4 hours a week helping the weaker schoolchildren with homework and social skills plus 4 more hours a week for community activities. The children visit students' homes, seeing how they live and work. Their mentors organize social activities each month, also getting involved in the children's families and neighborhood, and even developing individualized family approaches and programs. As of October 2018, a total of over 200 students have been enabled to complete university studies while mentoring over 750 children from distressed areas.

Participating Communities

Hefzibah – 12 students living in 4 apartments mentor 42 children from 3rd-6th grades

Kiryat Nordau – 10 students living in 4 apartments mentor 36 children from 4th-6th grades 

Sela – 9 students living in 4 apartments mentor 35 children from 3rd-6th grades

Neot Shaked – 10 students living in 5 apartments mentor 36 students from 3rd-6th grades

Akko - 8 students living in 3 apartments mentor 32 students from 3rd-5th grades


Netanya, Akko


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