ESRA College and Raanana Moadon Hazahav Lecture Series

Monday, 7 February 2022 at 9:00

Mishkan for Music and Art , 2A Hapalmach St., Raanana

The lecture is cancelled on this date.

ESRA National


The English Speakers College in Raanana continue their series of weekly Monday lectures covering a wide range of topics and include experienced lecturers from the fields of academia, art, music, politics, travel and more...

Weekly on Monday mornings.
Two lectures a week through July 2022.
First lecture 09:00-10:00, Coffee break, Second lecture 10:30-11:30

Advance registration: Must be done at Moadon Hazahav, 2 Opsterland St, Raanana
Sun - Thurs 8:30 -13:00 (Bank details and ID card necessary.)
Those who were registered for the 2019-2020 series may register by phone at 09-761-0783 between 8:30-13:00.
Cost per month: Raanana residents NIS 100 | Non-residents NIS 125
Entrance charge at the door (open to all): Two lectures NIS 35 | One lecture NIS 25.

February Lectures


February 7
Due to outside considerations, lectures are cancelled on this day

February 14
9:00-10:00 | The Scrolls – The Unbelievable Story Behind the Discovery of the Judean Desert Scrolls | Dr. Amit Dagan
10:30-11:30 | Ernest Shackleton and the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition | Noam Sgan Cohen

February 21
9:00-10:00 | Aram Khachaturian | Roi Aloni
10:30-11:30 | Somewhere Over the Rainbow, The Amazing Journey of Judy Garland | Tzviki Levin

February 28
9:00-10:00 | Mice and Men: What can we Learn from Brains and Behaviors of Animals about Brain and Behaviors of Humans; Including Depression, Addiction, Motor Control and Memory | Amit Avron
10:30-11:30 | The Rise and Fall of Al Capone – "Scarface" and the Chicago Crime Boss | Eyal Offenbach